Pocket's Lint - the work of "Steve the Pocket"

This is just a simple home page so I can easily link to the various other stuff I have hosted on this site. My real site is Podunk U, my online comic.

Prong Fad Email

These are parodies of the Strong Bad Emails from "Homestar Runner." Old crap that I could probably pull off in five minutes now. And yet there may be more to come.

pfemail01, "some kinda pirate" - Prongy tackles the obvious question first.

pfemail02, "the ladies" - Advice from a total non-expert.

Random Flash stuff

"Apocalypse Now" - The first thing I ever did with Flash, ever. Pretty silly, huh?

"What's Going On?" - My first real attempt at lip-synching, featuring Millie from "Ozy and Millie."

"Millie's Monologue" - The full-length followup, inspired by something from NPR.

Herman explains dignity - More lip-synch practice.

KRAP News at Eleven - A peek at the world's worst TV news broadcast.

Web design samples

Mockup site for my college newspaper.

Everything else on the site

My friend Jen did this. Ozy and Millie fanart.

A Winamp skin I made for web artist "Shayde." Click to download.